Taj Mahal 1989


At Flying Saucer, we have a Writers' Room dedicated to the conception and creation of original content for both web series and feature films. We believe in original ideas; the audience deserves unique stories and not formulaic films. The world today is a great mix of the old and the new, and our efforts are to celebrate both. We use universal emotions to make our content accessible, and philosophy to give it depth. We work in all genres of content, be it comedy, drama, romance, or thriller.

A worldview of storytelling

We aim to develop stories with a worldview, and our philosophy is that local is global. We prepare ourselves by regularly watching films, reading books and attending masterclasses. Our effort is to understand the human mind and its capabilities. There are no heroes or villains, it's just people's minds at their best and their worst.

Roundtable Discussions

The team convenes regularly to come up with new ideas meant for a global audience while keeping in mind Indian sensibilities.

Research and Fieldwork

Our research is as in-depth as possible. We collect and compile images, notes, and newspaper articles in the form of scrapbooks, along with creating mood boards online. While we find real life references of our characters, conduct interviews and talk to specialists to provide an authentic ground for our stories, we are not bound by reality. We believe that imagination is the greatest strength a writer can possess.


A character’s emotional journey is important to us. After the first draft is ready, we poke as many holes as possible in the story, characterisation, and dialogue. Many subsequent drafts follow until we know the story so well, it becomes real.


Script narrations for the internal teams take place regularly. Extensive feedback sessions with storytellers, as well as small focus groups are also conducted. We are not afraid of feedback; we embrace it.

Fine Tuning

After assessing the feedback, the writing team goes over the script with a microscope. Every word is looked at, the screenplay is fine-tuned and made as tight and gripping as possible.