A Video Appeal To Cannes Lions Jury Members


Pushpendra Nath Misra

In collaboration with BBDO, we created a mockumentary that highlighted the award driven nature of pro bono work. The development of the ad was a deeply collaborative process with Pushi and the agency creatives Sandipan Bhattacharya and Josey Paul. Everyone was open-minded and willing to explore the various forms that the ad could take shape in.

The concept was of humanitarian work taking place solely during three months of the year, right before Cannes’ nominations are announced. The crux of the ad film is extremely universal and relevant which can be reflected when the girl, in the end, says “Seasons ke naam batao?” “Summer, winter, rainy and awards season.”

The heart of the ad lied in its local yet global expression.

The production designer Sonali Bhatia was responsible for bringing the location to life. She also designed the solar energy powered cap. We further used the imagery of the cap as a play on phrase. - “ Topi pehnana” an Indian terminology which roughly translates to making a fool out of someone. Sonali also did several captivating illustrative and artistic graphics for the spot.

The ad was shot with the sensibilities of a BBC documentary film. Stock music was used to make the ad feel more news-channel like. It was shot in Dharavi, Mumbai. To first-hand witness the realities of their life was a life-changing experience for the crew. 

The character of the journalist required an actor who looked Asian but also had just enough foreign experience and a British Indian accent. Finally, Krishna Surbhi was approached to play the journalist. However, by the time it was to be dubbed she had already left for the US. So it was dubbed by a British female settled in India.  Multiple auditions were taken to find interesting faces for the other cast. Several actors who auditioned were professionally trained from prestigious institutes such as FTII and NSD.

This advertising spot with its documentary-like sensibilities and satirical nature went on to win 2 shortlists at Cannes, one at Clio and Adfest apart from getting a metal and two shortlists at Kyoorius and 2 metals at Abbys.

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