Asian Paints | Chamak Raha Hai


Pushpendra Nath Misra

Asian Paints is an Indian multinational paint company established in 1942.

In collaboration with Ogilvy and Mather, Mumbai, we created a spot that highlighted the durable nature of the paint in a humorous way which can be seen in the end when the barber says, “colour lagane ka time aa gaya hai,” it is revealed that he is talking about the haveli. 

The haveli was a crucial part of the spot. The client approved a haveli in Rajasthan but owing to logistical reasons getting the haveli was not possible. So we undertook the task of creating a replica of the haveli liked by the client. The haveli seen in the ad is a set created by our team in _________. 

The main character was played by Cyrus Odishar - head of MTV, at the time. His personality and visual appeal was a suitable fit for the character of a nawab - someone who is into finer things in life. Several wigs were made for him to showcase his journey from youth to old age.

The actor who played the barber was not the initial choice for the spot. However, looking at his performance we thought he would make an interesting face for the ad. We padded his mouth with paper balls,  giving him a muffler and complimenting makeup to achieve an older look.

The helicopter shot was filmed in Filmcity, Mumbai. 

The production designer, Sonali Bhatia added interesting and intricate details to the architecture such as the pull out drawer on the stand.

Shot by the late Ashok Mehta, the ad  makes use of motion control camera technique wherein you see the camera go up towards the haveli and as it comes back down, the haveli remains the same but the characters have aged. 

The advertising spot with its playful and humorous narrative highlighted the enduring and reliant nature of the paint in a quirky and fun filled way.

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