Candyman | Nathkhat Mango


Pushpendra Nath Misra


FCB Ulka

ITC’s Candyman had rolled out a wide range of flavoured confectionary which they wanted to advertise. The ‘Nathak Mango’ (Tangy Mango) flavour’s ad film was written to highlight the tanginess of the toffee and its electric effect on the taste buds. We collaborated with FCB Ulka, the agency, to create a humorous and energetic ad film which brought out the ‘naughty’ and tangy side of the confectionary and the consumer’s personality.

The child artist in the ad film was a reflection of his reel version, complete with the naughtiness and mischievous antics. The payoff from casting a naturally energetic and naughty child was that it organically reflected in the ad film. The other cast member also brought an edge and flavour to his characters as he portrayed the uncle. The casting for the ad film was done in Mumbai and Delhi and several actors were scouted before the dynamic duo in the film were chosen.

Children are energetic but their energies drain faster too. The shoot had to be organised in a way to optimise from the kid’s energy. For this ad film, the close ups were taken first followed by the establishing shots. While working with kids, the methods usually followed with adult actors aren’t effective. New ways and means need to be found which work and achieve the desirable outcome. The experience taught us the importance of befriending kids if you want them to listen to you.

This was an instance that the director, Pushpendra Nath Misra, recounts as an example of when to not direct and give the actor their space. We often take ourselves

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