Home Credit | Rishtedaaron Se Udhaar


Pushpendra Nath Misra


Ogilvy & Mather

Production Designer

Sonali Bhatia

Director of Photography

Manu Anand

Creative Director

Anu Gulati

Account Management

McAlister Peter

Chief AD

Collin D Cunha

Line Producer

Siva Konar

Prop Stylist

Steffina Cherian

Costume Stylist

Abhilasha Sharma

Hair and Makeup

Sameer Ahmad

Casting Director

Shikha Pradeep


Irfan Khan

Offline Editor

Pushpendra Nath Misra, Sonu singh


Andreas Brueckl, Futureworks

Post Production House

MFX, Malaysia

Music Director

Rohan, Vinayak

Home Credit offers financial solutions which are simple, transparent and accessible to all. To highlight this key ideology of the brand, we collaborated with the agency Ogilvy & Mather and delivered a humorous ad film with a clear message and a call to action.

The films showcased scenarios in which the protagonist had to ask for money from others due to the financial crunch. The primary challenge faced by the team was the seamless inclusion of the Visual Effects (VFX) in the film without letting it overwhelm the viewers. The copy required the borrower to shrink with shame when they ask for money as the VO narrated ‘Udhaar le kar aur kitne chhote banoge?’ (How much will you shrink under the shame from bowing money?) This metaphorical idea has to be presented visually in the ad films with the help of VFX. The integration had to be effective since we realise that humour can be overshadowed by exhausting VFX. To strike an effective balance between performance and the VFX we collaborated with MFX, Malaysia. The teams worked endlessly and participated in multiple round of feedback sessions to finalise the VFX which added to the charm of the ad film.

The target audience for the campaign were low income groups since the brand wanted to reach out to those who would need small loans to buy slightly expensive products like a phone. This required the casting and the production design to be realistic and relatable. Actors were chosen which fit smoothly into the film and were directed to ask for money in a humorous manner without making it look like an urgent need.

The production design by Sonali Bhatia made the script come real as her set was perfected to detail with elements that told the character’s story. A real house in Mumbai was selected for the ‘Doston se uddhar’ film. The room was set up to reflect the lives of boys living in a rented room. The domestic paraphernalia ranging from the washing machine, electric kettle, make shift table to mosquito nets reflected the living condition of the characters. The props were used to create a busy frame that was real, chaotic, relatable and added another layer to the characters.

An Irani café in Mumbai was chosen for the ‘Rishtedaaro se udhaar’ film since the café owners are notorious for keeping a strict control over their money. The ambient sounds and chatter added in the background furthered the idea of a stingy café owner who kept a stern eye over the money.

In the end, the well-designed set, nuanced characters and subtle layers came together to create an ad campaign which was real, humorous and relatable.

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