KEI Wires | Dentist


Pushpendra Nath Misra

Production Designer

Sonali Bhatia

Director of Photography

Manu Anand

Creative Director

Anu Gulati

Account Management

Pawan Bhatt, Siddhartha Ghose, Pulkit Bothra

Chief AD

Satish Kumar

Associate Producer

Chirag Patel

Line Producer

Debodeep Chakraborty

Art Director

Mayur Ghag

Costume Stylist

Harpreet Sawhney

Hair and Makeup

Vidya Shankar Singh

Casting Director

Shikha Pradeep


Iftekar Ahmed

Offline Editor

Pushpendra Nath Misra


Andreas Brueckl, Futureworks

Post Production House

After Studio, Santacruz

Music Director

Rohan & Vinayak

‘Har Tension Sahe, Chalti Rahe’ This tag line captures the solution to the electrical problems faced by millions of Indians. KEI wires have been a part of the Indian households since 1968 and have established themselves as a trustworthy brand with quality products.

When we received the script from Ogilvy, Delhi the team faced a question – How do we show the downside of not using KEI wires in a humorous way? The challenge was to create an ad film which didn’t portray the product in a frightening light or ignited an unwanted reaction.

We worked on the script in collaboration with the agency to add some light-hearted situations in the film which would result in an enjoyable viewing experience while relaying the message. The goal was to get the audience members to laugh throughout the ad film in comparison to laughing only at the punchline delivered in the end.

To overcome our challenge, we added physical comedy which was over-the-top, bizarre and made the audience laugh the loudest. The breaking of the glass, bribing the goons, pulling out the wrong tooth or rendezvous in a laughter club – the characters found themselves in comical situations thereby adding to the humour of the ad film.

The funny characters, non-sensical situations, extraordinary consequences were strewn together by Raghuveer Yadav’s voice over as the ad film went on to garner public and media’s attention.

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