Mexitos | Nacho Chips


Pushpendra Nath Misra

Mexitos is a brand of nacho chips owned by Parle. 

We were approached to make a humorous ad to establish the identity of Mexito Nacho Chips. The initial script had a lot more layers. In collaboration with the agency creatives we brainstormed about the situations that could add humour to the spot. The scene wherein his wife divorces him was weaved into the initial script as suggested by Pushi.

The approach towards this spot was to create a laddering effect as hell breaks loose when the main character calls the chips ‘Nacho’ instead of Mexito. The imagery is layered with interesting dialogues such as ‘geography nahi, choreography’ and ‘dance master’ added by _________.

Siddharth Diwan was the DOP for the ad. He very precisely captured the humour and emotions of the spot. In terms of filmmaking, the ad makes significant use of jump cuts. Interesting transitions were planned and executed such as the circular wipe transition after which we cut back to the main character sulking in the jail - a trick used to denote how his life has derailed.

The advertisement spot with its fast pace, and snowball effect made for an effortless and fun shoot which allowed us to take multiple shots in a single day.

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