OLX | Juicer


Pushpendra Nath Misra


Lowe Lintas

Director of Photography

Siddharth Dhawan

Chief AD

Rahil Patel

Line Producer

Sankalp Acharekar

Art Director

Pravati Mati

OLX.in is India’s largest online marketplace for selling and buying of used products. We partnered with the agency, Lowe Lintas, to create a series of humorous ad films around the most relatable reasons for selling used goods.

The ad films show Kapil Sharma as the used product. It is through his point of view that the reasons to sell the used good are listed. He is the overused bike who urges his owner to shift to a new vehicle to accommodate his growing family. In another he is an underused juicer who is bored of being reduced to a mere show piece in the kitchen. Finally, he is the gigantic clock who demands a better photo of himself to increase saleability on OLX.in. 

Kapil was casted since his humour resonated strongly with OLX.in’s messaging. To make use of Kapil’s comedy chops, we suggested that the products be personified with Kapil becoming the product in question – bike, juicer and clock. It was exciting to design outlandish costumes which allowed the products to come to life and their point of view be explored as they tell their owners how why they should be sold off.

Kapil Sharma’s impeccable comic timing and humour reflects in the ad films. Despite the initial hesitation to don the costumes he agreed to follow the director’s vision. He sportingly became the overused bike, the underused juicer and the tired clock which convince their owners to sell them off on OLX.in. He further added value to the script by working with us on the addition and improvisation of the lines which brought out humour of the concept.

The never-seen-before avatar brought out the loudest laugh amongst the audience and used comedy to drive the message around hoarding, stocking, consuming and selling of used products.

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