Orbit White | Cow


Pushpendra Nath Misra


Grey Worldwide, Delhi

Orbit White’s campaign is where it all started for our production house, Flying Saucer. It marked the beginning of our journey of creative expression and exploration and the rest, as they say, is history. The brand of chewing gum wanted to create an ad film for its Indian consumers. We worked with Grey Worldwide, Delhi on the campaign and created a humorous, out of the box ad film which has stayed with the audiences ever since.

The script, written by Sandipan Bhattacharya, was based on the abstract and funny concept of the cow’s yellow teeth turning white upon eating Orbit White. Therefore, by that logic, the gum will work on human teeth too. The ad film featured a veterinary doctor from a small Indian town talking in broken English and an unpolished accent about a cow and his Orbit White experiment.

The client’s goal was to reach out to the Indian audiences and strike a chord with them. Back in 2005, the ad films were usually made using the standard trick of gloss and glamour. All upmarket products were sold keeping in mind urban sensibilities. Amidst this the decision to cast an ordinary face as the main character was risky and bold. Through the character’s rural-ness the Indian element was explored in a humorous manner.

The bold decisions worked in our favour as the ad film went on to capture the public’s and media’s attention. We pushed the creative envelope and were greeted with roaring success.

Next year round our ideas and vision were carried forward by the agency. However, a different team was approached to replicate our concepts complete with the same cast and animation. We were happy with the fact that we created a vision and concept strong enough to be considered a success and carried forward. Our biggest learning was to take bold decisions and stand up for concepts that we believed in.

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