PayTM Mall | Online Dukaan


Pushpendra Nath Misra



Executive Producer

Divyaa N Iyer, Madhulika Jalali

Director of Photography

Siddharth Diwan

Chief AD

Santosh Singh

Line Producer

Salman Shaikh, Muzammil Qureshi

Prop Stylist

Steffina Cherian

Costume Stylist

Nikki, Lajja

Hair and Makeup

Vidya Singh

Casting Director

Shikha Pradeep

Offline Editor

Pushpendra Nath Misra, Abhinav Gupta

Online Editor

Vivian Ernest Britto


Naveen Shetty, Nube Studio

Post Production House

Prime Focus

Music Director

Jasleen Royal


Jasleen Royal

Paytm Mall, the virtual mall for online shopping, was a new feature rolled out by Paytm. The film was a collaboration with MCG T.A.G. The advertising spot portrayed the concept of Paytm Mall along with the width of its offerings, scale and variety. 

Since Paytm Mall is a pan-India service, the inclusion of India’s diversity was essential. The stores across different regions were included to highlight two key points – shops across India are at your doorstep and the local ones frequently visited by you are on Paytm mall as well. The shops and their products have shifted location from the real to the digital world but the experience of shopping at them has stayed the same. 

The film went beyond the app’s interface interaction to highlight the details of the place it was bought from. The geographical and cultural details like the Ghats shot at real locations were added to elevate the viewing experience. In the opening scene, the women in Kolkata could experience the Banarasi Sari (Traditional Indian clothing) as if it was in front of them while also feeling the essence of Varanasi. The experience had to be akin to walking into a physical retail store. We achieved this by developing the transition using the sari and giving the women the feeling of a shopping in Varanasi’s stores. In another scene the local shop had shifted to the virtual world and made the purchase easier while continuing to ensure trustworthy products. 

The situations were stitched together by the track developed by Jasleen Royal which melodiously captured the pan-India overview of the product.  

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