Piaggio Ape


Pushpendra Nath Misra



A Piaggio Ape carrying loads heavier than itself is not an uncommon sight on the crowded streets of India. The brand wanted their 3 wheeler light commercial vehicle to be advertised as the companion that helps your business grow. We created a visually compelling, technically striking and humorous advertising spot with RK Swamy BBDO which showcased the endless power of Piaggio Ape.

The ad film captured the journey of businessman’s helper as he delivers varied things across the city through its nooks, corners, busy streets and crowded roads. It even travels across water bodies, goes down some stairs and stumbles down a slope. He hears his frantic boss over the phone who lists goods and destinations which adds to the urgency of the situation.

Upon receiving the script, we thought of ways to go beyond it and add further value to it. We suggested additional situations and terrains to put the vehicle in. While shooting we took the bold decision to test our ideas beyond their capacity on paper. We put the vehicle through challenging grounds and obstacles as we let our imagination run wild. Our decision paid off as some situations found their way into the final edit. A memorable reaction to the ad film from the client included, “My vehicle can do all that?”

For the ad film we travelled to the city of Jaipur to look for realities beyond Mumbai. The business culture of Jaipur added to the essence of the film. The city opened itself up to us and allowed us to revel in its colours, details and features. The city added to the beauty of the look and feel of the ad film. The ad film was supplemented by the funky, cool and modernistic track created by Amar Mangrulkar. The track compliments the pace of the ad film and only breaks with the driver’s “6 baje chai” (Tea at 6 o’clock) – a mantra our director, Pushpendra Nath Misra, religiously follows.

The ad film went on to garner honours at international platforms. It won a Film Craft Gold Abby for editing and was featured in the New York festivals Shortlists. It was a roaring success with its humour and technical finesse.

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