Pillsbury | Kid


Pushpendra Nath Misra


Leo Burnett, Mumbai

Production Designer

Sonali Bhatia

Executive Producer

Divyaa N Iyer

Director of Photography


Creative Director

Ashish Sharma, Ruchita Zambre, Anugrah Gopinath

Chief AD

Sagar Rao

Line Producer

Meter Down Productions

Art Director

Pravat Mati

Costume Stylist

Ameira Punvani

Hair and Makeup

Vidya Singh

Casting Director

Mayank Dixit


Charudatt Kurdikar

Offline Editor

Yaser Abbas

Online Editor

Vivian Ernest Britto


Naveen Shetty, Nube Studio

Post Production House

Prime focus

Music Director

Amar Mangrulkar

Pillsbury has earned itself a reputation in the food industry for providing tasty, good quality ready-to-eat products. They wanted to create an advertising spot to launch their new product, Cookie cake which is a combination of choco chips hidden inside cake. The agency, Leo Burnett, wanted to create a campaign named ‘Mooh ka entertainment’ (Mouth’s entertainment). It highlighted the delicious flavour of the product which sends your taste buds into a frenzy.

The series of ad films showcased the fun and exciting element of eating chocolate. As everybody indulged in their favourite flavour, they were transported to a fantastical world.

The grand fantasies were brought to life by designing elaborate costumes and a grand set akin to those in a Broadway musical. The set, designed by Sonali Bhatia, represented the insides of a mouth. She played with the cave like shape of the mouth to add depth to the frame and built up its grandeur to match that of a musical show of which the characters would be a part of. The costumes were in the brown and golden colour palettes with smooth textures to mark their origin in the chocolate ingredient of the product being advertised.

Actors danced on the splendid platform as Longinus Fernandes’s fun choreography infused spark and energy in the performance. The elements were brought together by Amar Mangrulkar’s music who created outlandish music tracks by stringing together gibberish and energetic words which added to fun to the party.

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