RBI | Paisa Bolta Hai


Pushpendra Nath Misra


Publicis Worldwide

Director of Photography

Will Humphris

The Reserve Bank of India launched the initiative ‘Paisa Bolta Hai’ to create awareness about fake currency while educating the people about the signs to differentiate a real bank note from a fake. In a collaboration with Public Worldwide we created an ad spot for RBI which traced the journey of a rupee note as it told the viewers about the security features of a genuine currency note.

The director, Pushpendra Nath Misra, visualised this advertising spot as a documentation of real people shot in a dogma style which would give the ad film an authentic edge. While ad films are known for their made-up gloss, the agency, Publicis, supported the vision and this authentic, realistic ad film was created.

Gulzar Saab, the celebrated lyricist and poet, was brought on board on our suggestion. He added value to the script with his stunning imagination. It was his suggestion that the money’s point of view be explored as it points out its various features to the viewers. As the money travels it reveals its nuances which can be identified and it encourages the consumers to look at every detail of the bank note during a transaction. In the ad film the governor’s signature, the colour, the watermark, micro lettering and other features are highlighted in the note’s voice to those who really look.

The ad film was shot in Mumbai, Lucknow and regional parts of Uttar Pradesh (UP) where common people were captured in the moments of their daily lives. Different locations allowed difference in the scale presented. They also helped highlight the essential features of money – it travels everywhere as it changes hands through people from all walks of life. The ad film was shot by Will Humphris who brought a new perspective of looking at India and a new eye through which the diversity, colours and cultural details of the country were explored.

When it came to grading the ad film, an interesting visual piece was creating by not colouring the film as a unified piece. Instead, the variation in colour temperatures were explored to add to the feel of it as an album of reportage photography. Through this film a simple message grounded in accessible reality was portrayed through stunning visuals and lyrical poems which could strike a chord with the common man.

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