Set Max | Sheesha


Pushpendra Nath Misra

Set Max is an Indian television entertainment channel owned by Sony Pictures Network established in 1999.

We partnered with the agency to create a tongue-in-cheek spot that would bring out the entertaining and diverse nature of Set Max channel.

In channel spots such as this, the ad needs to be epic and different to grab the viewer’s attention. The casting was extremely crucial for this ad. The characters were locally scouted. For advertising spots of this scale, it is difficult to sell a fresh face to the client. But the agency (channel?) believed in our choices. 

The ad was an extremely big spot for us, especially since it came after our hugely successful KBC ad with Shahrukh Khan.

“Deewanapan alag alag tarah ka hota hai” is the main crux of the film following which we dive into the main character's obsession for mirrors. Several brainstorming sessions took place to ponder on the situations that could be used. 

The narrative of the film was developed in collaboration with the client. Pushi went on to suggest ideas that would define “deewanapan” and what constitutes as one.

Shot by Will Humphris, the ad is lit and filmed with the sensibilities of a documentary where you capture events as they occur. The voiceover formed a very crucial part of the ad. Eminent  hasya kavi poet Ashok Chakradhar was approached for the VO. It was a unique decision considering we only needed his voice for the spot. Even though he was surprised at the offer, he took it up. It was him who suggested the lines, “Maza ghana de, Max deewaana bana de.” which were later used as closing lines for the ad.

This advertising spot with its documentary filmmaking technique and scaled-down timeless humour went on to become a very enjoyable spot for the client as well as the audience and continues to remain a public favourite.

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