Swiggy | What The Falooda


Pushpendra Nath Misra

Production Designer

Sonali Bhatia

Executive Producer

Anshul Jain

Director of Photography

Mitesh Mirchandani

Creative Director

Shikha Gupta

Chief AD

Swati Singh

Associate Producer

Chirag Patel

Line Producer

Ashish Kumar Modi, Amit Dey

Art Director

Ramesh Pal

Prop Stylist

Nazia Khushnuma

Costume Stylist

Harpreet Swahney

Hair and Makeup

Vidya Shankar Singh

Casting Director

Shikha Pradeep

Offline Editor

Pushpendra Misra & Vikas Gami


Rahul Parab, Future Works

Graphics and Animation

Sonali Bhatia

Post Production House

Future Works,Chennai

Music Director

Abhishek Arora


Sukanya Purkayastha

Swiggy is one of India’s largest online food delivery platforms. On the advertising front it has created a name for itself with its creative campaigns. Following the success of our previous collaborations, including What’s in a name?’, we teamed up once more with Swiggy’s in-house team to create an entertaining advertising spot. With Swiggy’s ‘What the Falooda’ initiative it took a stand for its customer care agents who bear the brunt of its customer’s hangry moments.

Swiggy took a bold stand for its employees and campaigned against the abusive behaviour towards the delivery associates and customer care agents. In a rare case in advertising the brand focused on its creative growth. It prioritised its employee’s well-being instead of being client centric.

We were delighted to receive a crafted script and asked ourselves how could we add further meaning to it. The baseline of the ad film was explored with the creatives and ‘Mooh mein khana accha lagta hai, gaaliya nahi’ (Food suits the mouth, not swear words) was finalised. The in-house team collaborated with Swiggy’s creative team to take their ideas forward by providing more situations in the script. The primary challenge was to write moments which relayed the gravity of the toxic complaints. They had to have a humorous edge and not come across as preachy. We explored everyday situations where the use of expletives is a commonplace and thought of creative food related swear words. The in-house team’s suggestions included modification to the hockey match and the addition of the man cutting the queue and the ongoing interrogation in the police office.

The situations were bound together by adding the background score. We created a song for the film that supports the purpose of the app. Upon its release ‘Aaj na dene denge gaali’ became the defining message of the film. The viewers were further visually treated by Sonali Bhatia’s masterwork on graphics which enhanced the modern treatment of the ad film.

The close working between the creatives resulted in a product which was humorous, had clear communication, quirky lines and was visually compelling. The campaign carried the message that customers shouldn’t use expletives to punish the delivery associates in case of a mistake.  The blunders must be reported but we need not get abusive as mistakes can be made by anyone and, after all, to err is human.

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