Zomato | Rolls


Pushpendra Nath Misra


Magic Circle Communications

Production Designer

Niyoti, Vinay

Director of Photography

Rafey Mahmood

Associate Producer

Chirag Patel

Line Producer

Ravi Tiwari, Ankita Chowfin

Costume Stylist

Shyamli Arora

Hair and Makeup

Vidya Singh


Viplove Maheshwari

Offline Editor

Pushpendra Nath Misra, Abhinav Gupta


Andreas Brueckl, Futureworks

Post Production House

Prime Focus

Music Director

Amar Mangrulkar

Zomato is a leading food aggregator of India. We collaborated with the agency, Magic Circle Communications Pvt. Ltd, to create a succinct and humorous advertising spot.

As delighted as we were to receive a well-crafted script, we asked ourselves, “How can we add more value to this?” A challenge which was identified by the team was to ensure that the brand, Zomato, stood out and left no room for ambiguity or an opportunity to be confused by the competitor brands. This was solved by suggesting the addition of the Zomato app’s user-interface to the VFX and showing the food coming out from the brand’s portal directly. This made sure that the brand was visible throughout the film and wouldn’t be mistaken for any other by the viewer.

The original script mentioned the food being ordered through the app on the phone, which was later modified. To enhance it visually we suggested the idea that by using VFX the PPT graphics be turned into an actual food roll. This technique was utilised to cinematically show the man’s imagination running wild as he fantasizes about food rolls. The hologram of the roll symbolised the urgent hunger of the man which has lifted him from reality and transported him into an entirely different one. His hunger was immediately fulfilled by ordering rolls from Zomato as the tagline read “Jab dil kare, Zomato par order kare.”

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